High Variance Casino slots


Part of the attraction of online slot games is that you always find a key game that is attractive to the way you want to play and pay slots. As such, an important aspect of choosing which slots is likely to give you a play structure that is attractive to you, by ensuring that you select slots that offer the type of variant you are looking for.

One category of slot games are those with a very high risk of playing structure, and these slots are known as high variance slots. Not every player will find the way to play and pay for these slot games, but if you’re quite happy to play high risk slots, make sure you read!

Below you will find an overview of which slot games are available on casino sites using the NetEnt assortment of slot games, all of which feature a high-level playing structure. All you have to remember about these high risk slots is that you should always select a bet-wager bet level that you should play.

As you can often find, you need to deliver a large amount of baseball spins before you get something substantial and then the lower bet you play these slot games for the better. Even if you play for small wagering values, these high variations can often make huge payouts through their basic games or their most important bonus game rounds!


High Variance NetEnt slots

Check out the following NetEnt designed high variance slots, and if you are interested in learning more than take a look at our review of each of them. You’ll also find that you can play them through a free game mode on one of our rated casino sites and that’s the ideal way to find out if they’re worth your money!

Big Bang Slot – The first high variance slot game you want to test is the Big Bang Slot game. What this slot plays with a high variance play structure is the basic game multiplier feature.

When a winning combination is spun, choose from the next spin that you activate a multiplier value, this multiplier doubles the value of winning combinations formed on that second consecutive spin.

However, if you manage to spin on the next spin another winning combination, multiplying the multiplication value to x4, the multiplication value on each consecutive winning spin will increase in value until it reaches the maximum value of a promising x32!

Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot – There are both wild and sticky wilds in the game spread across the very playable but very high variety Creature of the Black Lagoon slot game and that’s how it succeeds with that high-variance play structure in its place to play!

When playing this slot, thanks to both different types of wild symbols, you can really win in many winning combinations and achieve some very high winning payouts. Therefore, make sure that this slot game plays as soon as possible and plays as luck with playing you could win big!

Dead or Alive Slot – It’s the free spins bonus game that gives you the chance to win some very big winning payouts if you choose to play the Wild West theme Dead or Alive slot game.

This slot gives you a set of free spins when you rotate in at least three of its scatter symbols and when a wild symbol turns on a single free spins then those wild symbols appear in the rinse position for the duration of the free spins bonus function rounds!


Therefore, by spinning so many wild symbols at the early stage of your free spin bonus game, you are more likely to win many winning combinations because the rest of your free spins are all played!

Evolution Slot – The Evolution Slot is another slot game that has a large variant play structure that becomes much more visible when you have activated the very unique free spins bonus game. The bonus game is activated by spins in bonus symbols so every spin plays you can lead to free spins being awarded.

How these free spin games differ from most others is that the lower rated coin symbols become the next highest as mentioned in the player’s play tables as soon as you win in any winning combination of each free play being played and as the more of the reel symbols You change in the following higher payouts, the more likely you have to play only the highest paying reel symbols in the game on the last few free spins you play!

Flowers Slot – A last high variant NetEnt designed slot game that you should consider to play is the sweet Floral slot. This slot contains a set of special doubles symbols and as such, though it has five rolls, you can spin in winning combinations with more than five symbols, thanks to those double symbols that count as two of the same rule symbols!

When playing this slot, you can win a win of as much as 75,000 coins via the bonus game that you will see to play a sometimes high paying set of free spins. To make this conclusion, it also features its own unique set of wild symbols! As a multi-slot, you can always afford to play this slot, regardless of whether you play a high role or a low role!

Octopays Slot

Have you ever thought of swimming in the deepest depths of the ocean floor and experiencing wildlife? Good! The final Microgaming Slot, Octopays takes you to the bottom of the ocean!

The theme is on a seafloor, full of treasures. Your only task is to make your way through the sunken ship and the rusty anchors to discover the wealth. You will experience the colorful seabed, which is full of adventure to the end.


The multiple winning chances of Octopays Slot

243 lines and five papers give you the impression that this ultimate business means. Risk traders will like this conclusion because of the enormous profitability it offers.

The basic game can only pay up to 7,400 while free spins can help a player to get a very generous figure up to 290,000.

Although the coin from 0.01 to 0.50 can predict that this slot is for each player, do not cheat. This slot is more focused on experienced players.

The highest bet range is 150. It has all the features that are known as Microgaming’s typical slot. For example, features like wild, free spin, multipliers and the exclusive Kraken feature exclusive to this slot.

Baby Octopus-The Wild Symbol

The baby octopus is like the wild symbol and unlike many Micro gaming slots it can replace all the symbols. The only drawback is, however, that it appears only in two rolls – second and fourth.

If the Baby Octopus symbol appears in the second and fourth roles, activate the Kraken function along with the free spin bonus round.

None of the slots pay for multiple winning combinations; however, this is where Octopays notice. Pay for all the winning combinations you can complete each way!

Moray Eel-The symbol of the wild extra multiplier

Another interesting symbol, Moray Eel is an additional wild symbol that is not common for most Micro gaming slots.

It only makes its appearance on the third coil. Any combination completed with this wild symbol is automatically doubled. What you look at here is a great opportunity to win. Even in this round you pay more than one winning combination.

The return free return

This is certainly the most exciting round of this slot. You will receive 12 free spins immediately after entering the round.

The Kraken will randomly place four baby octopuses in random runs, except the third. The Kraken function depends entirely on the wild symbol.

The free spin round does not have an infinite loop and will immediately return to the normal slot when the round ends.


The final statement

If you are an experienced player, this slot is tailor made for you. Microgaming has been loyal to its loyal fans for its clear design ability.

The bottom of the sea seems almost real and the background music supports the theme enormously. Nice to see Microgaming has packed his thought embrace and tried to innovate. The Kraken function is a living example of it. This slot is a must-play for the experienced players out there!

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